Xibless MonoMac Tutorial

I'm starting with a "tutorial" of sorts of creating a Markdown editor using MonoMac for Mac OS X. Note that the "lessons" are going to start as working notes, and will show you not necessarily the right way to do something as much as the first way I got something [nearly?] working. But as I find better ways to do something, I will come back and update these lessons.

This is also a static page, and might not have some of the latest lessons. You should always be able to find them all by linking to the MonoMac keyword (subject to renaming) with this link:


That may have a superset of the tutorial links -- check for the tutorial and xibless keywords as well. I may eventually create a crazy "XiblessMonoMacTutorial" keyword to make this easier in the future.

In any event, here they are, in one place, easy to see, and in order:

MonoMac #1: Changing window size editing the xib in MonoMac 
MonoMac #2: Xibless NSMenus and NSMenuItems
MonoMac #3: Creating a prompt dialog

Drafted, unpublished:
MonoMac #4: Setting initial window size and position
MonoMac #5: Adding NSTextView and WebView
MonoMac #6: Interpreting Markdown

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